Willful Ignorance – they should have known!

Dementia in football: Ex-players three and a half times more likely to die of condition
Former professional footballers are three and a half times more likely to die of dementia than people of the same age range in the general population, according to new research.

Read in BBC News: https://apple.news/AwI69TRGZRWiW37jLsr297Q

Regardless of what many continue to say, the research is devastatingly clear. The pattern is unmistakable. The science is irrefutable! The human brain was not designed to be battered. Serious and predictable consequences happen, short term, long term as well as progressive chronic changes. The actions that cause the beginnings of disease continues even after the outward symptoms of injury are thought to be gone, and the athlete is often encouraged to return to the field just to add injury on top of injury. It is madness! These actions can affect the God given potential of good people. It affects spouses and families and steals a future of joy and happiness. I know. It cost me a career and nearly cost me my marriage and my life.

To dismiss this health crisis is self-serving and in many situations, dangerous. There are answers, but the football powers are so fearful of losing the goose that lays the golden egg, they are willing to move forward and choose to remain in an inexcusable state of willful ignorance. This excuse of ‘not realizing something bad was happening’ destroyed Joe Paterno’s legacy and continues to send high-powered university administrators and coaches once thought untouchable packing. One day the people who continue to look the other way, or worse, willfully ignore and/or fight against solutions while they, their families and their friends suffer, will realize the sad consequences of their inaction.  There are answers. You just need to look!

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