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The study we are conducting at the University of Utah, department of Neurology, School of Medicine is designed to examine the impact of photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy on persistent symptoms following a history of repetitive head impacts.  This therapy has been used for many decades to improve wound healing and pain associated with orthopedic injury.  Recent work has clearly demonstrated that PBM reduces inflammation, improves mitochondrial function, and leads to better cellular function.  Many of these effects have been demonstrated in both animal and human research using objective plasma biomarker data (i.e., inflammatory and mitochondrial biomarkers).  More recent work in patients with a history of head injury has been especially encouraging and our lab has begun a number of research studies to document the benefits of PBM using neuroimaging (MRI), cognitive testing, sleep measures, motor testing and mood/behavioral questionnaires.  It is our hope that this type of therapy would improve the overall functioning of participants in the absence of any negative side effects or adverse events.  If we continue to see improvements similar to previous research, we expect that PBM would be a very useful adjunctive therapy to more standard or traditional therapies in TBI.  

We are looking for individuals to take part in this research. Participation would require traveling to the University of Utah at the start and conclusion for pre- and post-testing. Participants would be given a device to treat at 20 minutes every other day for 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks of treatment the post test would be administered at the University. Following the testing, each individual participating would be given the option of continuing treatment long term. If interested and you have a history of repetitive head impacts with mild to moderate CTE-like symptoms, please contact me through this site.

14 thoughts on “Call For Participants

  1. I’m interested in participating in the Call for Participants research trial. I have a history of repeated head impacts/concussions. I have symptoms associated with CTE.


  2. I am extremely interested in participating. I played college Football and have experienced devastating anxiety, anger, aggression and many other symptoms since about the age of 38. I am now 47. I have had an MRI which showed moderate damage.


  3. I would be interested in more information about this study for my son who is suffering from severe anxiety & depression that he blames on concussions.
    He had two pretty severe concussions playing high school football as a linebacker. He is 30 years old.


  4. Thanks for thinking of me Larry. I think I quit in time to avoid significant impact injury. I’m very proud of you for taking this on. What an impact you are having.

    Your friend Sam

    On Tue, May 18, 2021, 10:46 AM Football and the Brain wrote:

    > Larry Carr Ph.D. posted: ” Research Description The study we are > conducting at the University of Utah, department of Neurology, School of > Medicine is designed to examine the impact of photobiomodulation (PBM) > therapy on persistent symptoms following a history of repetitive head” >


  5. I am very interested in participating in this study. I have had more than my fair share of concussions playing 4 years of HS football and 4 years of college football. Although I finished playing at age 22, I have experienced many symptoms that were mentioned in your article. My symptoms started at about age 45. Now, at age 55, after reading about CTE, and speaking with many of my teammates, I believe my symptoms are related to my concussions.
    THANK YOU for taking the lead to help others.
    Rob C.


  6. Please send me information. My daughter has had two severe concussions playing soccer. She still has symptoms over a month later and is unable to do school work. Thank you!


  7. We are interested in having our adult daughter, Christina, participate in this study. She has experienced several concussions of varying severity, including a severe concussion that caused her to miss a significant amount of school and suffer post-concussive syndrome. She has struggled with anxiety and depression ever since. The symptoms she has been experiencing the last several years sound like CTE. We are so grateful to learn about this!


  8. How do we volunteer? My son has all the mentioned symptoms as a result of a car accident when he was 16 and suffered severe head trauma. He is now over 40 and receiving disability because of his symptoms. Can you help us?
    Laurel V.


  9. I am interested in participating. I had several concussions in high school and college and have been dealing with many issues that would be considered a side-effect from these concussions.


  10. My husband has been diagnosed with probable CTE. He is a former Golden Gloves champion boxer with over 200 amateur fight. We are looking to enroll him in a clinical trial.


  11. My husband played 8 years of high school and college football and has had a significant concussion from a bike accident in the last year. He is showing early signs of CTE. He’s working on getting testing done now. Very interested in participating in this study


  12. Very interested in participating as well. I also played football through high school and college and added a few additional head injuries racing motocross. How do I signup?


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