This Is Not Just Another CTE Story

We are told there is no official diagnosis, cure or even an effective treatment for the neurodegenerative disease CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Because of this bleak reality, people are turning their backs on the personal stories chronicling the effects of this devastating condition. After all, who wants to keep hearing about athletes killing themselves, or … Continue reading This Is Not Just Another CTE Story

Deniers of CTE bring less than nothing to the table –

I recently read comments from Merril Hoge who was interviewed about his book, “Brainwashed: The Bad Science behind CTE and The Plot to Destroy Football.” As I listened to him talk, I remembered several quotes he made a while back when he commented about his son, Beau, a QB on BYU’s 2017 and 2018 team. … Continue reading Deniers of CTE bring less than nothing to the table –

Is it CTE – A Wife’s Perspective

In 2013, my husband Larry was diagnosed with brain damage from years of playing football.  After 10 hours of testing, the psychologist explained that in comparison to the general public for his age, Larry’s scores in the neuropsychological functioning and memory tests were below 25% with some results lower than 10%. The doctor’s report concluded, … Continue reading Is it CTE – A Wife’s Perspective

Never stop searching!

After spending years navigating the world of brain injury and disease currently surrounding and threatening the sport I love, I have found questions without answers, denials, lies and lawsuits. However, with my wife's patience and support, eventually a path emerged that brought us peace and should provide hope to all those whose lives have been … Continue reading Never stop searching!